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Processing power and user functionality are provided by the controller. Controller-based sensors must be used with a controller, and USB sensors may be run from a computer or from an LG5000 controller.

Prod LG5000LG5000 Controller

Compact and lightweight, the LG5000 controller can be used with all of the LaserGauge® controller-based sensors and can also be used with the USB sensors. It has a high resolution display with a touch screen and has a keypad with a joystick...

Operating Use Algorithm Only, Algorithm and Routine or RF wireless slave to PC
Housing Cast urethane case with reinforced mounts
Size 6.5" w, 2.375" d, 3.625" h
Weight 1.0 lbs without battery
Processor 1 GHz ARM compatible
Memory 8 Gbytes of data/scans/routines
Sample Rate Up to 10 processed samples per second for many applications
Display 800 h x 480 v x 256 colors
User Interface Rotatable Touch screen display, 15 multi-function buttons, 5-way joystick
Other Interfaces 2 USB 2.0 ports, (1x Type A; 2x Mini-B
Power Requirements 12 VDC @ <2.5 Amps
Power Supply Worldwide 60W a/c adapter, optional 12v rechargeable battery
Environment 0° – 70° C
PC S/W Interface LGWorks, Windows™ XP/Win7
Log File Output User-defined, flexible ASCII text format, readable with most off-the-shelf text and spreadsheet applications