Origin Technologies Corporation

Rosemont, IL October 23, 2018 – Origin Technologies Corporation, a worldwide provider of off-the-shelf contour measurement systems and robotic inspection solutions, today announced at The Assembly Show in Rosemont, Illinois, the availability of the LaserGauge® RS763 with Cross-Vector Blue Laser Technology. The RS763 EOAT (end-of-arm-tooling) sensor is specifically designed for inspecting and measuring gap and flush on translucent, shiny or opaque surfaces around headlights, taillights, windows and chrome while the vehicle is advancing on a moving assembly line.

”This is in direct response to our customers feedback and we listened. This is the culmination of several of our leading-edge products into one assembly. The ability to measure surface features on transparent or opaque materials using Blue Laser Technology coupled with the capability of Cross-Vector technology to scan more edge data is industry leading. The net result is far more accurate and meaningful measurements on a wider variety of materials. It is the best of both worlds in an EOAT sensor and is the first sensor of its kind in the industry” said Brad Powell, Origin Technologies Corporation Co-Founder.

In addition to Cross-Vector with Blue Laser Technology, Origin also announced the addition of adaptable vehicle positioning tracking to their Automation solution. Positioning sensors input coordinates into a moving assembly line where location of a vehicle relative to a robotic manipulator may not be consistently aligned. The manipulator receives the input data and tracks the appropriate position on the vehicle as it moves through the measurement station. Insuring the most accurate of measurements at the appropriate location on the vehicle, independent of model or vehicle size.