Origin Technologies Corporation

The most common accessories for a LaserGauge® system include batteries, battery chargers, calibration check blocks, and standoffs.  Portable LaserGauge® systems utilize rechargeable, lithium-ion batteries.  The batteries and chargers are available from Origin or can be purchased at retail outlets.  Calibration check blocks are specially designed standards that are used to periodically check the measurement functions of the LaserGauge® and to zero specific measurements to the certified values of the block.  Standoffs are used to position the sensor on the feature being measured.  They do not affect the measurement itself, but are used to make it easy for the operator to position the sensor for a quick and accurate measurement every time.  

Batteries and Chargers —LaserGauge® controllers use several different models of 10.7-volt battery products, essentially laptop batteries. The DSP sensors use a 7.4-volt camcorder-type battery.  These rechargeable lithium-ion batteries provide approximately four hours of run-time when new...