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Prod HS761 2


Improving on the Cross-Vector scanning capability of the HS761, the HS763 is equipped with two blue lasers that allow it to scan transparent and translucent surfaces as well as opaque surfaces. This allows the HS763 to be used on automotive body panels, headlamps, tail lamps, window glass and chrome.

The HS763 sensor is a complete measurement system. No external components are needed. Utilizing a powerful 1GHz processor and the unique configuration of the imaging components, the HS763 scans much faster than existing Cross-Vector sensors, capable of scanning a typical body-to-body gap in < 1 second. The 3.5” color display provides detailed graphics of plotted surface profiles, and the touch screen allows for easy menu navigation and expanded graphic functions

App Gap Flush Ext HS763 2


Cross-Vector Scanning with Blue Laser Technology – Traditional laser profilers utilize a single laser stripe coupled with a single imager to capture surface scans.  But a single view does not reveal surface points around the radius on the edge of the gap.  The Cross-Vector sensor utilizes multiple lasers and multiple views at crossing angles.  This allows the sensor to see around edges of the radius to the vertical tangent and beyond.  The result is a complete surface profile and the most accurate gap measurements. Plus, no movement of the sensor is necessary for complete scanning of the gap.

The use of two blue lasers extends the capability to Cross-Vector scanning to include headlamps, tail lamps, glass and chrome.

Traditonal with Blue Laser

Routine and Gauge Modes – Inspection routines developed using the LGWorks software can be run directly on the sensor. Detailed graphics and on-screen messages guide the inspector from one measurement to the next. Complex calculations referencing measurement data can be processed in the routine and included in the data file.

Used as Standalone Sensor OR Controller – The HS763 can operate as 2 distinct pieces of hardware. First it can operate as a standalone, battery powered DSP CrossVector Sensor. Or if the user chooses, a LaserGauge USB sensor (such as the TS800) can be plugged into the HS763 USB port and the sensor then becomes a controller. The 3.5” color display of the sensor will broadcast the profile and data table as the USB sensor is triggered. Data and scans are saved to the sensor as if using a standard controller.

Prod HS763 as Controller


Power – A rechargeable, lithium-ion battery provides power 3+ hours of constant operation.

Communications – Zigbee wireless, USB cable or USB stick “thumb” drive.

Barcode Scanner - The sensor has an integral barcode reader.

Color Display – The 3.5” LCD provides graphical and textual information.

User Interface – Touchscreen or 5-way joystick and keypad.


  • No movement of sensor required for complete scan
  • No cables to external PC or other hardware required for use
  • Very Fast
  • Scanning of headlamps, tail lamps, windows and chrome
  • Proven LaserGauge technology



Type DSP - Handheld
Size 3.6" (w) x 5.9" (h) x 10.1" (l)
Weight 34oz. (38 oz. with battery)
User Interface 3.5" Color Display, 2 sets of 3 LED’s, 5-Way Joystick and 2 Buttons
Communications Wireless - 2.4GHz ZigBee module with ZigBee USB Stick for computer.  Cable - USB 2.0A to Mini 5-Pin USB, 6’. Port - USB2.0A
Processor 1GHz Speed
Memory 8GB of data/scans/routines
Battery Rechargeable lithium-ion
Shock Protection Cast urethane housing
Environment 0° – 70° C
Models HS763-F24
   FOV Options 1.5" (38mm)
   Horizontal Scanning Resolution 0.0012" (30µm)
   Depth Accuracy +/- 0.0010" (25µm)

Our continuing commitment to quality may mean a change in specifications without notice. This system complies with 21 CFR Chapter I, Subchapter J.