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LG Series controllers connect to all LaserGauge® USB Sensors, including legacy models, to provide a larger display of data that is more portable and rugged than a laptop.

The LG Controllers have a high-resolution color display, and both a touch screen and a joystick for alternative methods of interface. Data can be sent and received over a USB null modem cable or through wired and wireless Ethernet connection to a PC. Measurements data and scan images are saved to the on-board memory and can be analyzed on the controller or transferred to a computer via a USB cable and Windows™ drag and drop functions, a wireless ZigBee module or a USB thumb drive. Processing power and user functionality are provided by the controller.


Features of LG Controllers include:

User Interface

A touch screen provides a quick and easy way to navigate menus and select options. The keypad and joystick also provide full selection functionality for environments not suited to touch screen use. Menus are organized in a flat tab format so that selections can be made quickly. Screen layouts can be configured according to the user’s preference.

4 Way Rotational Screen

The controller display can be rotated 90 degrees, depending on your desired viewing orientation. The operator can set their individual preferences left hand or right-hand operation, as well as vertical with screen up or down.

Battery Powered

A rechargeable, lithium-ion battery provides power for hours of continuous operation. An on-screen fuel gauge shows the charge remaining in the battery. An external charger can be used to recharge the battery or AC power can be connected to the controller and the battery recharged while the controller is in use (LG7000 only).

Barcode Scanner

An integrated barcode scanner allows the operator to scan a barcode on the part or on the assembly being inspected, and then the barcode will be recorded in the data file for automatic traceability to the inspection results. The operator no longer has to manually enter trace information, such as a serial number or VIN. The barcode reader supports practically all universal formats.


LG Controller Models and Specifications

Two models of LG Controllers are available, the LG5000 and LG7000. All features are common to each. The LG5000 has a 3.5” screen size. The LG7000 has a larger 7” screen size, and is also able to use an AC adaptor, unlike the LG5000.
Size 6.5” (w) x 2.4” (d) x 3.6” (h) 8.4” (w) x 1.8” (d) x 6.3” (h)
Weight 1.0 lbs without battery 1.8 lbs without battery
Display 800(H) x 480(V) x 256 colors, 3.5” display with touchscreen 800(H) x 480(V) x 256 colors, 7" display with touchscreen
Powered by AC Power Supply N/A Yes

Specifications Common to Both Models

  • Operating Use
    Gauge only or Gauge and Routine
  • Housing
    Cast Urethane case with reinforced mounts
  • Processor
    1GH ARM
  • Memory
    8 Gbytes of data/scans/routines
  • User Interface
    2 multi-function buttons, 5-way joy stick
  • Ports
    USB 2.0 ports (2x Type A, 1x Mini-B) and 13pin circular DIN
  • Power Requirements
    7.2VDC @ <2.5Amps
  • Environment
    0° - 70° C
  • PC Software Interface
    LGWorks, Windows™ compatible
  • Log File Output
    User-defined, flexible ASCII text format, readable with most off-the-shelf text and spreadsheet applications


Any LG Controller comes standard with the following accessories:

  • 2ea high-capacity batteries
  • 1ea battery charger, ac adaptor, power cord
  • 1ea 6’ USB 2.0A to 5-pin mini B
  • 1ea ZigBee® USB IEEE 802.15.4 communication module
  • 1ea hard copy user manual
  • CD containing LGTools communications software
  • Carrying Case
  • Padded Shoulder Strap (LG7000 only)
  • 1yr warranty on hardware and software
  • Packing List

Included Software

  • LGTools – this application sends, retrieves, and formats data from a computer to the DSP Sensor via USB cable or ZigBee.



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